Application form Workplace research and training online

Are you, or is your employee, not sitting well in your or his/hers, workplace? Do you have physical complaints (arms, neck or shoulders). Or do you want a check to avoid overburdening? No problem, we are here to help you. Also remotely. Sign up for the Workplace research and training online.

Workplace research and training online

The Workplace research and training online is a video consultation of 60 minutes for employees who have physical complaints or have questions about their work space and working posture. In addition to the video consultation, you will receive a report of the findings and a concrete advice for the occupational physician and employee. Investment: €195.00 (excluding VAT) per research.

As a general rule, one video consultation is sufficient. If necessary, a maximum of 2 follow-up appointments of 45 minutes will follow (€97,50 per appointment).

Video consultation

During the video consultation, you (or your employee) sees and speaks to a company physiotherapist via a video link. Because of the privacy-sensative information that will be discussed, this connection is extra secure.

Why choose  ?

LIJV helps you or your employee with improving the workplace, working posture and style of working. We provide insight into a healthy way of working. Simple, without fuss.

Zitten jouw medewerkers lekker in hun vel? Dan zitten ze beter op hun plek - letterlijk en figuurlijk. Dat uit zich in meer werkplezier, meer motivatie, meer betrokkenheid, betere prestaties en een duurzamere inzetbaarheid.