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A Calm mind + Healthy sleep

The health and well-being of employees matters to Nike. Mental health is of crucial importance but is overlooked by many. That’s why Nike has collaborated with LIJV to bring you webinars which promote mental well-being and vitality. Feel free to sign-up and participate during the sessions.

Do you have practical means to manage your workload? Are you interested in managing stress in a more efficient way? What is the quality of your sleep like? The webinars aim to imform and stimulate a positive change in your lifestyle resulting in personal growth, motivation and improved work performance. Read more below on what to expect from the respective webinars.

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These workshops/webinars has been made possible by the support of Aon.

Webinar Healthy sleep

Healthy sleep = better performance

Have you been short-tempered lately? Having difficulty concentrating? Not getting any work done? Chances are that you are not sleeping well. This might be due to an insufficient amount of sleep or a poor quality of sleep.


  • Sleep difficulties.
  • Exhaustion.
  • Energy.
  • ACT.
  • Mental and physical fitness.
  • Recovery.
  • Health and wellbeing.

Why participating in this webinar

  • Restore your natural sleeping patter.
  • Healthy sleep = better performance.
  • The webinar is based on Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT).
  • Learn from the best presenters; our sleep experts are ACT-certified and graduated from Sleep School in London, England.

After completion of the webinar, you will have practical techniques to improve your sleep. Better sleep also leads to improved performance at work, which includes improved focus, less mistakes, a solutions-driven mindset, improved decision-making ability and more creativity.

Webinar A Calm Mind

Creating a serene mind

Business is thriving. Changes are happening by the minute; the insecurities and expectations of yesterday are no longer relevant today. This might be cause for feelings of anxiety and a jumbling of thoughts. During the webinar ‘A Calm Mind’, you will get some tools to refine focus, work in an efficient manner, and creatively solve problems. It challenges the boundaries of self-knowledge and promotes the discovery of areas of self-improvement.


  • Mental health.
  • Coping with pressure at work.
  • High workload.
  • Exhaustion and burn-out.
  • Personal development.

Why participating in this webinar

  • Learn to work (and live) in a concious and present way.
  • Improved focus = more efficiency and creativity.
  • Prevention of exhaustion and burnout.

This webinar provides practical and easily applied techniques to ‘untangle’ a mind jumbled with thoughts of work pressure and personal issues. Leading to a calm and serene mind.

Upcoming webinars
Webinar A calm mind

Tuesday, November 23, 09:00-09:45 h

Webinar Healthy sleep

Thursday, November 18, 15:00-15:45 h

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